Friday, October 1, 2010

USC Digital Studies Symposium fall line-up

Fall 2010
All presentations will be held in the Fanny Brice Theatre, SCA 110, unless otherwise noted. For more information about location, please click here.

8/31, 7:00 pm James Frost
geometric informatics: capturing visual information

9/7, 7:00 pm Sue Huang
experiential and mobile art

9/14, 7:00 pm Peter Brinson | Kurosh ValaNejad
intersections of history and interactive games

9/21, 7:00 pm Sean Donahue
media design and design research

9/28, 7:00 pm Pia Tikka | Mauri Kaipainen
database cinema, neuroimaging and embodiment

10/12, 7:00 pm Peter Samis
digital engagement : empowering public education

10/19, 7:00 pm Craig Dietrich | Darren Butler | Ricky Smith | Ronan Hallowell | Jake de Grazia
The Network of Ecology: Panel Discussion

11/2, 7:00 pm Dan Goods
visual strategy : communicating science through art

11/9, 7:00 pm Natalie Bookchin
new notions of documentary practice and research

11/16, 7:00 pm Anne Bray
urban screens: creating and transforming mobile environments

11/23, 7:00 pm Rachel Mayeri
intersections of art, science, and society

11/30, 7:00 pm Doreen Nelson
design-based learning: empowering student creation

For more information on the Digital Studies Symposium and the Institute for Multimedia Literacy at USC, click here.