About DH SoCal

DH SoCal is not a formal organization. It is a collaborative network of professionals from various fields in the digital humanities. We have no governing body, governing rules, or dues.

We interpret "Southern California" as including everything from Santa Barbara south to the border, with the understanding that DH SoCal serves people living and working within easy driving distance of one another. We're happy to expand the borders, if we learn that people living outside of this region enjoy driving more than we do.

About This Site

Mary Litch (Chapman University) and Jana Remy (UCI and Chapman University) created the DH SoCal site in 2010 with the hope that it would evolve into a virtual meeting place and bulletin board for events relevant to faculty, students and support staff in southern California with an interest in digital humanities.

In addition to the CALENDAR, BLOG, PEOPLE directory, and PROJECTS directory, and JOBS listing,  DH SoCal uses Twitter to give a shout out to these types of items in the area, so Twitter users may wish to follow @dhsocal and add #dhsocal to any Tweets related to digital humanities in Southern California.

DH SoCal runs on Blogger and Google Apps. Thank you to Liz Losh (UCSD) for our snazzy new branding!

Site Contributors

Anyone working in, or with an interest in, Southern California digital humanities is welcome contribute to this DH SoCal. Current site contributors come from varying institutions.

Please refer to our CONNECT guidelines if you are interested in sharing and collaborating on this site.

Site administration was recently handed off from Mary and Jana to Colleen Greene (Cal State Fullerton), who is hoping to recruit at least a couple more DH SoCal bloggers willing to serve on the admin team.