Friday, October 1, 2010

UCLA Digital Humanities Reading Group, 2010-2011 Line-up

Fall Quarter:
November 9: Marie Saldana (UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design), Using CityEngine for architectural analysis

Winter Quarter:
Jan 11: Willeke Wendrich and Jacco Dieleman (UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), on the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology
Feb 8: Chris Johanson (UCLA Department of Classics) and Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant, "A Walk with the Dead"

Spring Quarter:
May 10: Two projects funded by Google Digital Humanities Awards:
Timothy R. Tangherlini (UCLA Scandanavian Section) and Peter Leonard (University of Washington Department of Scandanavian Studies) "Northern Insights: Tools & Techniques for Automated Literary Analysis, Based on the Scandinavian Corpus in Google Books."
Todd Presner (UCLA Department of Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature), Chris Johanson, and David Shepard (UCLA Department of English), "HyperCities Geoscribe: A Tool for Geo-temporal Reading"